• Logan and AnGayle (Visilou) Price, Middlebury, VT, a boy.
  • Jeremy and Camille (Kwak) Burns, Westport, NY, a boy.
  • Tara Barber and Joseph Tatro, Middlebury, VT, a girl.
  • Kimberly Jimmo and Josh Mayo, Lincoln, VT, a girl.
  • Anthony and Heather (LaValla) Saienni, Rutland, VT, a boy.
  • Alexandra Knapp and Adam Duby, Brandon, VT, a girl.
  • Johnathan McMahon and Emily Bishop, Whiting, VT, a girl.
  • Dean and Alicia (Waite) Butler, Hancock, VT, a girl.
  • Crystal Macmillan and Scott Boyle, Vergennes, VT, a boy.
  • Brooke and Alissa (Holland) Monte, Burlington, VT, a girl.
  • David Gross and Tiffany Johnson, Vergennes, VT, a boy.
  • Edward and Tonya (Devoid) Wilford, Brandon, VT, a girl.
  • Jerry and Brandy (Ross) Douglas, Crown Point, NY, a boy.
  • Taylor and Julie (Davis) Bessette, New Haven, VT, a girl.
  • Jeremy New and Mercedes Warner, Castleton, VT, a girl.

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