• Erik Sheldrik and Kimberly Gringas, Bridport, VT, a boy.
  • Dave and Julia DeVries, Addison, VT, a girl.
  • Jonathan and Ramona Sullivan, Vergennes, VT, a boy.
  • David and Lisa (Pantaline) Hudson, Pittsford, VT, a boy.
  • Ben and Meghan Wyatt, Lincoln, VT, a boy.
  • Rob and Stephany (Wisell), Starksboro, VT, a boy.
  • Naomi Roche and Louis Ross II, Rutland, VT, a boy.
  • Hannah Tavis and Brandyn Walsh, Ripton, VT, a girl.
  • Kevin and Erica Emilio, Middlebury, VT, a boy.
  • Thomas and Shannah Laribee, Crown Point, NY, a boy.
  • Jeremy and Alyka (VanderWey) Kelly, Ferrisburgh, VT, a girl.
  • Stephen and Tosha (Whittemore) Pope, Shoreham, VT, a girl.
  • Jeremy and Helen (King) Putnam , Shoreham, VT, a boy.
  • Patrick and Madeleine Willwerth, Vergennes, VT, a girl.
  • Samantha Sheehe and Justin Anderson, Bridport, VT, a girl.

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