• Brittney Cram and Michael White , Bristol, VT, a girl.
  • Tim and Amanda (Quesnel) Gould, Shoreham, VT, a boy.
  • Jesse and Erin Therrien, Brandon, VT, a boy.
  • Sabrina Gero, Orwell, VT, a boy.
  • Damascus and Betty Kafumbe, Middlebury, VT, a boy.
  • Andrew and Emily (Brown) Spanos, Brandon, VT, a girl.
  • Christopher and Alyssa (Congdon) Williams, North Clarendon, a boy.
  • Christopher and Mara (Mueller) Urban, Bristol, VT, a girl.
  • Lauren M. Lee and Steven Keith Anderson, Orwell, VT, a girl.
  • Jessi Farnsworth and Paul de Boer, Pittsford, VT, a girl.
  • Jerad and Ashley (Sequin) Gorton, New Haven, VT, a boy.
  • Joseph D’Avignon and Renee Gratton, Middlebury, VT, a boy.
  • Bryon and Katelyn Perkins, Brandon, VT, a boy.
  • Julie Thomson and David Fleming, Ticonderoga, NY, a boy.
  • Peter and Bethany (Gibb) Donnet , Bristol, VT, a girl.

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