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On behalf of everyone here at New Market Press & Denton Publications, let me wish you a happy Thanksgiving.

In these rapidly changing times, our culture is undergoing a massive transformation when it is easy to find so many things about which to complain. Look around, pick up a newspaper, turn on the radio or TV, or log onto the Internet and you’ll find tons of material from which you can sing the blues. Complaining seems to be our most popular pastime these days.

We can’t take lightly the challenging economic times we find ourselves in at this point in time. But this weekend, as much as any other time, we need to realize and reflect on all we have to be thankful for as we sit here in 2012. This country is still full of promise and opportunity.

Hopefully your Thanksgiving was highlighted by a wonderful meal in the company of friends and family. Some of you may have lost those dear to you since last year and while it may be painful without them, be thankful for the good times you enjoyed with them while they were here and treasure those previous Thanksgiving meals when you were all together.

Not too many years ago, if you were unable to connect in person with all your love ones, as cross-country travel was very expensive, what a task it was to just to try a make a phone call. We had stationary, hard wired, rotary phones with very expensive long distances charges. Many times the phones lines were so busy over a major holiday weekend that calls couldn’t get through. We didn’t have speed dial, answering machines or voicemail, so you might have to try many times. Today with our smart phones, computers, tablets and social media, we can send instant pictures and minute-by-minute details of events to distant family and friends. Plus, we can call them at will from almost anyplace or even Skype them in real time and carry on face-to-face conversations through the computer screen across the world.

Dan Alexander is associate publisher of New Market Press. He may be reached at dan@newmarketpressvt.com.

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