Republicans have a problem

To the Times of Ti:

The election is behind us all, but the conservative Republican bubble machine is still in high gear. You know, that tried and true old chestnut of praising trickle down economics, citing the obscenely wealthy as “job creators” and wringing their hands at whatever fabricated crisis comes down the pike on Fox News.

Dan Alexander, I am so looking at you right now for perpetuating this folly.

Let’s clarify some things straight away about the election just completed. Mitt Romney was emblematic of how detached and far right the Republican Party has gone. They no longer give any consideration to the state of our great nation, nor the economic mess that they themselves had created! All the Republican Party had committed itself to this election cycle was (and how did Mitch McConnell put it? Oh that's right...) “stop at nothing to ensure that Barrack Obama is a one term president.” Well guess what, sunshine? The American people didn’t buy into it and you got stuck looking like the wealthy puppets the Republican Party has become. And they don’t like it. Big surprise. Imagine that?

So now, the bubble machine is in overdrive (kind of like a Lawrence Welk flashback, no?) trying to spin the re-election off as a travesty of our democratic process. How dare those Black and Latinos and women vote? Who do they think they are?

Americans. Just like me.

You can gripe and stand there like Chicken Little screaming that the sky is falling, but on Nov. 6 the real Americans of this nation stood up, voted and in that vote stated, “No. We’re not taking this anymore. We’re going forward. You can either get on board or get left behind.” The numbers support the policies. America is moving forward and we’re going to do it with or without the Republicans.

Scott David Harris, Mineville

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