Editorial: My Vermont life

From the editor

— New York columnist Cindy Adams wrote a flattering, tip-of-the-hat to Vermont this week. Her New York Post column Jan. 30, page 16, about the Green Mountain State apparently was in response to a personal invite by Gov. Peter Shumlin.

Adams decided to check out the place for herself; she praised Shumlin, and the state, in her column: “Vermont is a nice place to visit,” she proclaimed. “And it’s stress free.

”Locals have fierce, rightly pride in their state,” she wrote. “It’s polite, friendly, stress-free, everyone helping everyone... also no billboards mar the landscape... Like America used to be.”

Adams’ frothy, if naive, praise of Vermont was based upon her recent visit to Stowe Mountain Lodge. She describes the winter joy of Stowe and how it altered her perceptions about Vermont.

But the Big Apple columnist left me thinking: high-heeled tourists, and well-to-do full- and part-time residents for that matter, get a far different view of Vermont compared to those of us working stiffs in the trenches who slog through the year barely making our mortage, fuel, and car payments month-to-month.

How different would my life be here in Vermont if I were, say, Cindy Adams or some other paying guest being waited on, hand and foot, at the Lodge? But instead of living at the Lodge, I’d be living at my current house.

I pretend that I am a guest, not a resident, in Vermont. All the solutions to my problems would be a phone call away via an imaginary Room Service in Montpelier.

Snap my fingers, leave a tip, and it’s done —all in the “everyone helping everyone” kind of Candyland Cindy Adams imagines Vermont to be.

“Hello? Room Service? Ah, it’s 10 below outside and my house is frigid because my household budget is tapped out. Can you possibly deliver me more heating oil discounted to pre-2009 prices? Oh, and if the price-per-gallon drops even more because it comes from North American tar sands, I’ll take it. Sorry, I simply can’t afford to follow this week’s cause célèbre.

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