Vermont Vapor opens new shop in Castleton Corners

Vermont Vapor

Vermont Vapor

— On July 1, Vermont Vapor, the state’s first and largest seller of electronic cigarettes, moved into a new location at 1323 Route 4 in Castleton Corners. Recently, non-tobacco products have become a new trend for smokers. Electronic cigarettes are devices that create an odorless water vapor that gives the user a smoke-like feel often called vaping or eSmoking, an alternative to smoking. Instead of burning tobacco, the e-cigarette uses electricity to convert a liquid containing nicotine into an inhalable vapor.

Dr. Adam B. Tredwell founded Vermont Vapor in 2009 after having used e-cigarettes for two years himself. He not only realized that e-cigarettes were unavailable in the United States, but also that the liquid manufactured for these devices was very unsatisfying. Tredwell used this valuable insight to better serve consumers, making customer care Vermont Vapor pride and focus. “We provide them with the top rated e-cigarettes in the industry and the highest quality e-liquid on Earth.” Unlike many others in the industry, Vermont Vapor has taken strides above and beyond to provide customers with a better experience both personally and in consideration of those around them.

Vermont Vapor was the first company in the world to use child-resistant droppers that help prevent accidental harm to children, as well as the first to list the ingredients that compose their e-liquid. Alongside safety measures, the company solved the taste issue by using only the highest quality ingredients to produce their signature e-liquid, which is then kept fresh with refrigeration. Today, Vermont Vapor is still among few that make the effort to refrigerate e-liquid from manufacture to shipment. The worth of this additional investment is invaluable, made clear through the claim that it protects e-liquid from developing the unpleasant taste and smell attributable to degraded nicotine.

As a customer-service oriented business, current and potential e-cigarette users, or “vapers,” can expect nothing less than satisfaction from the upcoming move.

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