Letter to the Editor: The Land of the Free

— Say that in Middle America and people have one idea of what that means. In other places it has a completely different connotation such as in a Senator Sanders campaign rally. Or on a college campus where searching for an aeonian safe space and a free education becomes a grail quest.

One might ask the good Senator how this utopia is financed; the answer is always the same. Someone else has to pay their fair share of taxes. Those ubiquitous "They", the richest one percent perennially remain undefined. Let us attempt to change that by asking Bernie's myrmidons who should fork over the loot. Obviously it is not them. Given that fact, that's the starting locus. After all the shoulder rubbings with their Guru, they must know.

Is it fine that their parents are forced to pay for everybody's college education? Should their older sister/brother pay for full health care for illegal immigrants? When President Bernie takes their future estate which would be their inheritance, that is acceptable, isn't it. Why not? Isn't that the "Fair Share" the rich need to produce? After all, they wouldn't have worked for it.

They should agree that the faculty and staff all should take generous pay cuts to fund the free tuition for them, illegals and perpetual students. Where else is that money for the $15/hr going to come from to pay for their working in the college bookstore? Work study money for the poor and downtrodden among them has to come from some income line.

What the "Land of the Free" costs is enormous. The Government spends the equivalent of the big Power Ball prize EVERY day. Do es Bernie intend to contribute? What will these 'free lunch tykes' think when they find out they're going to have to front a big chunk of change because the "Rich who got richer" don't have enough to fund two weeks of this idiocy.

Any Vermont college students care to answer? Any even have a clue? Or are you waiting for a saddlebag laden unicorn to provide the gelt.

Ed G. Mann

Vermont Loon Watch

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