Letter to the Editor: Space-time

To the editor:

Thanks for your interesting editorial "Once upon a space-time". How astronomers can use dark matter to see 47 billion light years is new to me. I have read of 28 billion.

An idea not so new is Allan Sandage's post-script that "God, too, must have also had a cause." Cause and effect is an assumption that applies to the matter-energy universe where the laws of physics hold true. God, however, is not part of this universe, but beyond "boundaries/firewall". God is metaphysical Other and not subject to cause and effect. This law stops at the firewall.

As a side note, is 75% dark energy + 25% dark matter + 5% normal matter = 105% a new cosmological law? Keep on with your informative articles. i enjoy.

Lee Comfy


The Editor replies: How embarrassing for me! My apology. Forgive my mistyping (I missed it and our proofreader didn't do this simple addition on deadline). It should be, more or less: Normal matter 4%, dark matter, 21% and dark energy 74% although these percentages vary by source. Alas, astronomer Sandage has crossed over; perhaps he'll know what's beyond our material realm before any of us. I can't say. But, science has no evidence of a what you called a "firewall" beyond which cause-and-effect doesn't exist. I suppose on the ultra-small quantum level, some "laws" which we're used to in our mega-cosmos may not apply. But as far as I know, there's no scientific evidence for a metaphysical realm—that discussion must be left to philosophical, religious and spiritual thinkers.

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