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The new seal of quality: "Made in Vermont"

Big Lenny’s Hot Dogs have been an essentially staple in the Rutland lunch scene for over 25 years now. Local legend Lenny Montuori has been serving hot dogs at his roadside cart since he and friend Reggie Groeneweld purchased the cart in 1988 with his homemade toppings as well.

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Flowers for Field Days

Beauty for all to see

If you haven’t ever entered flowers at Addison County Fair and Field Days, or even considered doing so, you should. It is easy, you often have a good chance at some ribbons and perhaps even monetary awards, and you will be adding to the beauty for all to see.

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Hand mowing tradition to continue at Fair & Field Days

Local residents can be proud that the annual Addison County Fair & Field Days Hand Mowing Contest is the oldest in the nation, and undoubtedly the most famous.

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Vermont’s only rodeo is a touch of the real West

Pond Hill Pro Rodeo Co. in Castleton kicked off its 44th year of producing one of New England’s best and most colorful, summer-long professional rodeo event. The 2014 rodeo season east of the Rockies got underway on the last weekend of June and the Eagle was on hand at Vermont’s sole venue to document the all-American thrill sport.

DCF helps Vermonters maintain food stamps benefits

The Agricultural Act of 2014 (Farm Bill) aimed to cut $9 billion in federal SNAP benefits, called 3SquaresVT (aka food stamps) in Vermont, by changing a provision in the bill that connects food benefits to federal Fuel Assistance.

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Vermont’s Shorelands Act now the law

Vermont’s recently created Shoreland Protection Act WENT into effect July 1. In May, the Vermont General Assembly passed shoreland protection legislation that applies to activities within 250 feet of a lake or pond’s mean water level for all lakes and ponds greater than 10 acres in surface area.

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Monkton tractor pull raises funds to help fight ALS

Since tractor pulling is a lot more exciting than watching corn grow, it might explain its rising popularity among rural folks. Pull events are a great place for friendly competition, socializing, and lots of bragging rights.

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EEE virus detected in Vermont mosquitoes

There are few guarantees in life, but you can be sure that mosquitoes will attend all July 4 festivities in Vermont. Anybody celebrating at outdoor parades, cookouts and fireworks can supply a delicious meal to a hungry mosquito.

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White Pine Needle Disease conspicuous throughout Vermont

The Vermont Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation reports that white pine tree needle damage is widespread in the state again this spring.

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Foundation grant to build gardens for Addison residents

The Vermont Department of Health Middlebury District Office along with Middlebury Union High School Alternative Education Program and Addison County Relocalization Network (ACORN) recently received a $1,575 grant from the Vermont Community Foundation’s Small and Inspiring grant program.

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Remembering Millicent Rooney

Following a brief illness, Millicent James Rooney, 86, long-time resident of Weybridge, passed away at her home on June 13, 2014 surrounded by her family.

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Just how committed is Vermont to local foods?

Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire, respectively, claimed the top three spots in the 2014 Locavore Index, a ranking of each state’s (and the District of Columbia’s) commitment to promoting and providing locally grown foods.

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Flowering crabapple trees put shine on Rutland Blooms project

Back in 1965, First Lady Claudia “Lady Bird” Johnson started a Washington, D.C., beautification project by having teams of helpers plant stunning flowers—by the thousands—around the capital. The project spread to the nation’s roadways and byways and culminated in the U.S. Highway Beautification Act, nicknamed Lady Bird’s Bill.

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Correction: U.S. Route 7 truck accident

Last week’s photograph showing a turned over truck along U.S. Route 7 in Salisbury...

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Vermont salmonella cases linked to baby chicks

For the fourth year in a row, baby poultry from a single hatchery in Ohio are responsible for an outbreak of salmonella infections in Vermont and other states across the country.