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Lessons from the ski slope from sought-after instructor Chalky White

If you’ve ever been told that you cannot do something, but you refuse to give up on your dream, you have something in common with ski instructor and motivational speaker Chalky White. White is no stranger to Vermont skiers.

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Letter to the Editor: Turkey alternatives? Here's my response

Concerning the uproar that pops up over everybody else's dining habits and the inflationary 4 cents interjected, positing their dietary rites are more healthy, sanitary, holy and pronounced pure by Gaia's own handmaiden, we arrived at a dinner table loaded with just about everything but stewed prunes. They might be there, just unmentioned.

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Vermont gardening review: signs of climate change in 2014

All the facts and science and climate records point to a changing climate.

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No sure cure for "garnet fever"

Prospecting garnets in Vermont & New York

Last summer, I toured a fascinating exhibit of beautiful North Country garnet gemstones on display at the New York State Museum in Albany. The museum isn’t just a place to gawk at New York garnets; the exhibit also includes exceptional garnets that are found on both sides of Lake Champlain.

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Campaign for Vermont launches petition to end Gruber health-care contract

On Sunday’s Face the Nation, the venerable CBS newsman Bob Scheiffer revealed he was “dumbstruck when (he) heard the comments that are surfacing from an economist named Jonathan Gruber, who was paid $400,000 to help shape the President's health care plan.”

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Vergennes art community to celebrate new gallery, studio

Vergennes' art renaissance exploded on the scene in the early 2000s. Since then, several art galleries have opened in town and Vermont's smallest city is fast becoming a hub for artists in the region.

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Vergennes congregation welcomes new pastor

Rev. Mike Oldham believes he was born to be a pastor. The 46-year-old Massachusetts native is now at the helm of the Assembly of God Christian Center and has been so for just over one month.

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Church now heats with Vermont-sourced wood pellets

If you consider Vermont’s places of worship, many with tall ceilings and large open gathering spaces, probably the biggest siphon of parishioners’ weekly collections—especially during the cold months—is heating oil

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Quartet returning to Brandon

On Nov. 22, Brandon Music will welcome back the John Funkhouser Quartet.

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Lake Champlain schooner sank in 1895 storm

The wreck of the “O.J. Walker”

Most folks think of the deep oceans when it comes to history’s most memorable shipwrecks, but inland Lake Champlain turns out to be one of the nation’s most unexpected maritime archeological treasures when it comes to antique wrecks—there are over 300 vessels lost in the cold, murky depths of the northeast's biggest lake.

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Got deer yet? Vermont T.V. show celebrates deer season with live special

Vermont PBS’s venerable outdoor program, Outdoor Journal, will go live during the heart of deer season with a program celebrating another venerable Vermont institution: deer season.

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Discussion: Vermont’s Advance Directive for Health Care

Rutland Area Visiting Nurse Association & Hospice is hosting a Start the Conversation presentation on Tuesday, Nov. 18, from 4 P.M. to 6 p.m., at the Brandon Library in Brandon.

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Popular exhibit held over in Middlebury

Through painted canvasses and "sound portraits," artist Kate Gridley marks the passage of emerging adults as they come to realize their selves and claim their voices.

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Letter to the Editor: Healing service in Rutland

Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish will host a special healing service on Monday, Nov. 17, at 18 Lincoln Ave. in Rutland, starting at 7 a.m.

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Vermont literary journal aims to slow online reading

Breaking with the trend of constant updating and notifications, Mud Season Review posts just one work each of fiction and nonfiction, one portfolio of poetry and one of art each month.