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From the Editor: Policing for profit?

We hear lots of disturbing things about the state of policing across the USA...

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Trap-Neuter-Return | Rutland County Humane Society

Do you have stray, feral or abandoned cats near your home or workplace? I

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Casey | Homeward Bound, Addison County’s Humane Society

Come adopt me!Hi, I’m Casey. I’m a handsome 5 year old boy who has the spirit of a kitten!

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The latest big idea in Montpelier: Taxing services

Ethan Allen Institute

On April 15 the Democratic/Progressive chair of the Senate Finance Committee, Sen. Tim Ashe, lamented the difficult time the legislature is having trying to fill a $113 million General Fund budget gap.

Print medium is not dead or dying | Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

We’ve been hearing the trash talk for years now. You poor folks in the newspaper business. The Internet is eating your lunch.

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Guest Viewpoint: Why we support the Vergennes school budget

As Directors of Vergennes Union High School, we write to urge the voters of Addison, Ferrisburgh, Panton, Vergennes and Waltham to vote in support of the proposed Fiscal Year 2016 budget. We believe the proposed budget delivers value to our community in the following ways:

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To the Editor: Rutland bookstore

After several decades in business and more than 20 years in retail book-selling, it’s fair to say I have never been more surprised than I have been by the City of Rutland.

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From the Editor: An apology

Last week, the editor made an unfortunate, sloppy keyboarding error which has not only tarnished this newspaper’s image in the community, but has clearly caused distress to a grieving family.

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Letter to the Editor: Vermont fossils

Vermont fossils

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Benefit Yard Sale | Rutland County Humane Society

The Rutland County Humane Society (RCHS) is holding a yard sale to raise money for the homeless animals.

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Meet Onyx | Addison County Homeward Bound

An adoptable dog

Farm pollution | Letter to the Editor

Just in time for the 45th anniversary of Earth Day this Wednesday, the U.S. Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee has made it official: U.S. consumption of animal products is not environmentally sustainable at current levels.

Ready or not, here come the candidates | Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly not ready for the presidential race. It seems the election cycle never really ends.

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Time to take climate-change debate to the next level

Ethan Allen Institute

It is safe to say that all or at least most of us believe that Vermont is a very special place, and we all want to do what’s necessary to preserve and pass on this unique treasure that both draws and keeps us here – majestic mountains, pristine waters, and wild, open spaces. The question is, what is the best policy for doing so.

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From the Editor: Vermont’s dreary economic outlook

As a taxpayer and voter, you’d have to be either Eleanor Porter’s naive little orphan Pollyanna or a Kool-Aid chugging Jonestown true believer if last week’s “2015 Rich States, Poor States Report” didn’t make you feel depressed about living and working in Vermont.