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From the Editor: The Last Voyage of the Lusitania

This year began a four-year-long centennial observation of World War I—the War to End All Wars. “War may be hell,” they say, but World War I was a kind of hell few of us can imagine today.

Mix messages & confusing rhetoric | Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

Last week seemed to be full of contradictions both in words and deeds.

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From the Editor: “Vermont is more affordable now”—and other flights of fancy

It’s another election year and another go-round of our two-party system’s blah-blah-blather—although here in Vermont, it’s more like the blah-blah-blather of one-party, supermajority rule. Regarding the gubernatorial race, I really don’t want another term for Gov. Shumlin? Why? Well, let me count the ways by using the Governor’s own words—

Enemies at the doorstep | Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

Just who or what are our major threats these days?

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From the editor: The Vermont Way or the highway

I’ve been a resident of Vermont since 1989 and have heard the term “the Vermont Way” bandied about, mostly by politicians, far too long. It has become a hackneyed and trite phrase if it was ever anything else.

It’s my fracking opinion!

Several readers have contacted me to scold and say that I am “out of touch” regarding my views on the rush to cover Vermont with acres of P.V. arrays with private and heavily taxpayer-subsidized funds.

Reinventing the olde towne crier | Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

The US Economy and workplace were changed forever, as a result of the Great Recession, according to a recent poll taken by the John H. Center of Workforce Development at Rutgers.

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From the editor: Fracking myths

There’s a new book about fracking that caught my eye. Written by Virginia-based engineer and environmentalist Greg Kozera. I may be in the minority around here, but for me it was a must read. I want to learn the truth about fracking technology—a technology which is helping put the U.S. on the road toward energy independence

Montpelier’s 90 percent solution | From the Editor

Since Aug. 16, I have received over a dozen e-mails regarding my editorial titled, “A Case of Solar Hubris”.

Getting caught up from hiatus | Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

I hope you found the last few weeks of value, as I gave way from my weekly column to allow candidates running for office this fall to properly introduce themselves and their planned intentions if they are elected.

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From the editor: A case of solar hubris

Lately, I’ve been wondering why Vermont is rushing so quickly to embrace every neighborhood solar- and wind-energy project that comes down the pike.

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From the Editor: Death in the Afternoon

I am a sucker for offbeat celebrity stories. While I don’t revel in the hard luck stories of the rich and famous, I am fascinated by human drama; let’s face it, when it comes to unusual celebrity deaths, such drama tends to come wrapped in odd, even distressing packages.

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From the Editor: Signs of the times

I received a speeding ticket along U.S. Route 7 in the Town of Pittsford. A Vermont State Police trooper in a cruiser flagged me down with flashing lights ablaze that made it look like I was an escaped prisoner. The young trooper—a nice chap, actually—issued me the ticket during the midst of a tropical storm-like downpour.

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From the Editor: Did they die with their boots on?

Perhaps one of the weirdest—dare I say down right ghoulish—things I’ve seen in recent months is a web-based real estate-related service known as DiedInHouse.com.

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From the Editor: Life as the Great Escape

Back in the 1980s, I attended a workshop about how to deal with people, personal challenges, and even career politics. I’ve forgotten the name of the individual who delivered the workshop, but the gist of it will always stay with me: essentially, the office—and life for that matter—always comes down to “The Great Escape”.