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From the Editor: How a Pennsylvania D.A. muzzled my friend’s free speech

No one deserves what Bill Villa and his wife Angie have had to endure since the defining evening of March 24, 2006.

Optimism: A gift not to be wasted | Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

I worry at times about using this column too often to complain about a variety of topics that, to me, seems to have our country going in the wrong direction.

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From the Editor: From Facebook to eternity

October 2014 was the first time that my wife and I had learned about the death of a family member--and close friend--via Facebook.

North Country Community Papers alive and doing well | Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for the encouraging responses the staff and I have been receiving, regarding our news content in the papers.

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From the Editor: Past my window

It’s mid-October in the Champlain Valley of Vermont...

Politics overriding common sense | Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

Remember back to last year when the partial shutdown of the federal government brought about so much doom and gloom?

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From the Editor: A "selfie" to your future self

The Eagle publishes an occasional photo feature, titled “Time Capsule,” which looks at people, places and things in Vermont’s past. This feature sometimes consists of just a photo and a caption, other times, we look into a person or event a little deeper—as our limited newspaper space permits. We present the feature in the hope that readers will explore more about the subject online or at a local public library.

Living United | Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

I’ve been very fortunate in my lifetime.

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From the Editor: Multitasking makes Jack a dull boy

This week I read a news report about a recent scientific study which demonstrates that multitasking makes your brain smaller: “Grey matter shrinks if we do too much at once,” the study’s researcher, Kep Kee Loh of the University of California, concluded.

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From the Editor: The Last Voyage of the Lusitania

This year began a four-year-long centennial observation of World War I—the War to End All Wars. “War may be hell,” they say, but World War I was a kind of hell few of us can imagine today.

Mix messages & confusing rhetoric | Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

Last week seemed to be full of contradictions both in words and deeds.

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From the Editor: “Vermont is more affordable now”—and other flights of fancy

It’s another election year and another go-round of our two-party system’s blah-blah-blather—although here in Vermont, it’s more like the blah-blah-blather of one-party, supermajority rule. Regarding the gubernatorial race, I really don’t want another term for Gov. Shumlin? Why? Well, let me count the ways by using the Governor’s own words—

Enemies at the doorstep | Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

Just who or what are our major threats these days?

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From the editor: The Vermont Way or the highway

I’ve been a resident of Vermont since 1989 and have heard the term “the Vermont Way” bandied about, mostly by politicians, far too long. It has become a hackneyed and trite phrase if it was ever anything else.