A time for celebration and change | Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

Once again we are proud to join with members of the free community newspaper industry this July to celebrate the services provided to over 50 million homes around this great nation.

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From the Editor: The dash of life

My sister and I accompanied our 98-year-old mother on a visit to our father’s grave for Father’s Day weekend. It was the first Father’s Day without our Dad. He died, at age 100, in January of this year.

Warner’s courage, character remembered | From the Editor

Some months ago, this weekly commentary devoted space to look at the life of Seth Warner, Vermont’s forgotten patriot-hero.

Violence taking center stage | Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

Violence and needless deaths have been a part of the human race since the beginning of time, but it appears we’ve learned little from those who came before us.

The state of Railroading | From the Editor

It all started back in 1831, when the Vermont State Legislature approved the first railroad charter to link Rutland with Whitehall, N.Y.

Killers among us | Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

Nine days in and still no sight of the two escaped, convicted killers Matt and Sweat.

Minding my own business | From the Editor

Outside my living room window is a mad, parallel universe in which familiar things, such as cultural icons, either no longer exist or are turned upside down and inside out.

Will we ever see a return to civility? | Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

Has our society today lost nearly all concern for civility?

The value of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness | Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

Some days it’s hard to be optimistic and positive about the future. Current events around the world and here at home cause us to wonder what the future holds.

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From the Editor: Swallowing the universe whole

A BBC-TV science documentary I watched online a few weeks ago painted a picture that the sciences are awash with atheists. Following news stories and the popular culture, it’s a premise that’s hard to refute at first glance.

The importance of local businesses | Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

Local, home grown businesses in our rural areas provide so much more to the stability of our community economy than many realize.

ISIS not alone in disrespecting rights of others | Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

Tolerance and respect for the beliefs of others provided they did not harm anyone was at one time considered a freedom of expression.

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From the Editor: The Vermont Roots Migration Project

The University of Vermont’s Center for Research on Vermont has published an important demographic report, titled “The Vermont Roots Migration Project”. The survey report was prepared by Drs. Cheryl Morse and Wendy Geller.

From the editor: Trade and the standard of living

Since 2009, we’ve seen the rapid rise of executive power (and political arrogance) within the U.S. government.

Are we prepared for what lies ahead? | Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

We’ve watched the threats continually increase over the years. This nation and others have watched as embers of terrorism surface quickly and then fade into memory, almost as quickly as they appeared.