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From the Editor: An apology

Last week, the editor made an unfortunate, sloppy keyboarding error which has not only tarnished this newspaper’s image in the community, but has clearly caused distress to a grieving family.

Ready or not, here come the candidates | Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly not ready for the presidential race. It seems the election cycle never really ends.

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From the Editor: Vermont’s dreary economic outlook

As a taxpayer and voter, you’d have to be either Eleanor Porter’s naive little orphan Pollyanna or a Kool-Aid chugging Jonestown true believer if last week’s “2015 Rich States, Poor States Report” didn’t make you feel depressed about living and working in Vermont.

Give yourself the best gift of all | Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

Living in our free society has many perks and benefits. All too often we never really appreciate how good we have it until we face that unexpected event that could change ones life dramatically.

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From the Editor: Vermont’s state fossil

In 1993, the Vermont State Legislature adopted “Charlotte the Whale” as the Green Mountain State’s official state fossil.

Truth or consequences | Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

In the world in which we live today, opinions are no longer left at the water cooler, corner bar or on the front porch.

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From the Editor: A Vermont hero found anew

It’s easy to forget how pivotal a role Vermont played in the American War of Independence.

Hopelessness or opportunity of a lifetime? | Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

Life is never easy. That statement is true for all of us, even those who seem to live gifted lives. Everyday life is full of challenges and difficult to understand, frustrating events.

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From the Editor: When fins were peacock feathers

More often than not, when staring out across the Hannaford Supermarket parking lot in Middlebury, enroute to do my weekly grocery shopping, I wonder—what happened to the idea of the classically designed automobile?

Vote or face the consequences? | Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

President Obama recently floated the idea of making it a mandatory requirement for United States citizens to vote in elections, while speaking to a civic group in Cleveland.

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From the Editor: Living Fossil

Lake Champlain's weird, wonderful sturgeon

There are many fishes in the deep blue waters of planet Earth, but few are stranger than the sturgeon of Lake Champlain.

Freedom of Information Day | Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

Earlier this week the country celebrated Freedom of Information Day. This week is also celebrated as Sunshine Week.

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From the Editor: A Dream Center come true

On March 12, a nationwide broadcast report appeared on FOX News’ Fox and Friends morning show; it focused on Bill Beckim and Linda Justin and their community Dream Center project in downtown Rutland.

The American entrepenurial spirit | Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

It seems each day we wake up to some strange news story that causes us to shake our heads in wonder and amazement. Some positive and others, well not so.

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From the Editor: Live long and prosper

For those of us who grew up as fans of television’s original “Star Trek” during the 1960s, the news last month of 83-year-old actor Leonard Nimoy’s death struck an especially sad note.