Letters to the Editor


A Monster fix | Letter to the Editor

The members of the Cairo Mini-Monsters Unit wish to thank the Right Fix for providing the labor and materials to fix our ailing parade vehicle.

Red flags for single payer plan | Guest Viewpoint

“Let’s talk about big government run [healthcare] plans,” U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I, vermont) needled fellow Veterans’ Affairs Committee member John McCain.

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Letter to the Editor: MUHS thanks the local community

...The celebration of this past weekend still echoes as I write this letter of thanks to all the businesses and individuals whose generosity contributed to the joy and experiences of Commencement and Project Graduation for the MUHS Class of 2014. It was truly special and memorable.

Pipeline opponents are rude, angry, disrepectful

Vermont prides itself on polite discourse and, generally, we have great respect for each other and the processes we use to resolve difficult issues like utility projects.

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Guest Viewpoint: Vergennes on the move

With all its assets, Vergennes epitomizes so much that Vermont communities statewide strive for: a strong village center surrounded by a beautiful working landscape...

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Guest Viewpoint: State revenue results show Vermont economy is in crisis

There are more signs that Gov. Peter Shumlin's economic policies —enacted by the Democrat supermajority in the Vermont State Legislature—re failing. The strategy of higher tax rates, more state spending and bigger state government is not working to grow Vermont's economy, create jobs, or lower the cost of living in our state.

Spring Fling thank you | Letter to the Editor

On May 18, ARC Rutland Area hosted its Spring Fling dance for over 70 members, parents and friends of ARC Rutland Area for a fun afternoon of socializing, munching and dancing.

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Guest Viewpoint: Social Security money has already been spent

The Social Security trust fund is empty. The money that is alleged to be in the trust fund has already been spent by the government for non-Social Security purposes. This basic truth has been stated repeatedly by public officials who are in a position to know.

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Letter to the Editor: Obama and the V.A. impasse

The V.A. being the ultimate single payer health plan... is a microcosm of what SPHC is meant to be...

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Guest Viewpoint: What happened to Vermont's civil discourse?

Vermont prides itself on polite discourse and, generally, we have great respect for each other and the processes we use to resolve difficult issues like utility projects. We recognize that there has to be an objective way to determine what efforts are in the best economic and environmental interest of our state—a way to separate the central facts from the passion of the extremes.

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Guest Viewpoint: Predictable, self-congratulatory back-slapping

There have been many opinions about how successful the 2013-14 legislative session was...

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Letter to the Editor: Beware of the meat

Folks setting to break out their outdoor grill on Memorial Day face a deadly choice of inflicting food poisoning or cancer on their family and friends. Food poisoning by E. coli and Salmonella bacteria, if they undercook their meat. Cancer – if they heat their meat to the point of creating cancer-causing compounds.

Guest Viewpoint: Reasons why some e-cigs may be safer

The Food and Drug Administration is trying to get a handle on new smoking products, including electronic cigarettes, with newly proposed regulations that include banning sales to minors and requiring manufacturers to register all of their products and ingredients with the FDA.

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Guest Viewpoint: Veterans, suicide and why we fight

Memorial Day 2014

As a Vietnam War veteran, I keep a low visibility during the national holidays. I have had my share of run-ins with individuals with ideas that differed with mine, which at times resulted in abrupt discourse during passing discussions. Seldom do I take offense quietly.

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Guest Viewpoint: Of Henny Penny and bookstores

If you’re in business – no matter what business – you know that having to listen to the odd Henny Penny is an occupational hazard.