Letters to the Editor


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Guest Viewpoint: The Governor’s speech

Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin’s recent budget speech is a vain attempt to craft a legacy of fiscal responsibility. But, it’s too late for that; the damage is done to both Vermont’s fiscal standing and the Governor’s legacy.

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Guest Viewpoint: Vermont Democratic Party statement on Phil Scott’s refusal to support workers

As Vermonters, we come together when someone in our community needs a hand. It’s just what we do. Because it’s common sense that our communities are strongest when everyone is on their feet. But Lt. Gov. Phil Scott seems to disagree.

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Letter to the Editor: Space-time

Thanks for your interesting editorial "Once upon a space-time".

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Letter to the Editor: An open letter to the governor

I've read your statements of how the gas pipeline is such a good idea.

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Letter to the Editor: The Land of the Free

Say that in Middle America and people have one idea of what that means. In other places it has a completely different connotation such as in a Senator Sanders campaign rally. Or on a college campus where searching for an aeonian safe space and a free education becomes a grail quest.

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Wind turbines and airports: Safety must come first in Vermont

Guest Viewpoint

I was invited to tour the site of a proposed industrial wind turbine complex in Ira, Vermont. My tour guide was a commercial pilot. He explained his concerns about the project’s impact on Southern Vermont Regional Airport in Rutland County.

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To the editor: Marijuana

To the editor: Mark Twain, 19th century American author, is quoted as saying “No man's life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature is in session.”

Letter to the Editor: Volunteers make the difference

The season of giving has made me reflect on the many ways that our community has supported Homeward Bound over the year.

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Letter to the Editor: Vermont wind developers shut out concerned neighbors

Last week there was a meeting held involving the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources (ANR) and Swanton Wind at a State of Vermont facility involving state agency personnel.

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Letter to the Editor: Peak oil fears

It’s the end of 2015. I’ve been tidying up my files; after rummaging around in some of the old “Eagle” letters to the editor from times gone by, my attention was captured by several pointed screeds warning us of the looming crisis of peak oil.

Guest Viewpoint: Stopping distracted driving in Vermont

It’s been one year since Vermont passed its statewide ban on using handheld mobile devices while driving.

Carbon tax will not help Vermont economy | Guest Viewpoint

Why would Vermont enact a Carbon Tax that would add roughly a dollar per gallon to gasoline, diesel, home heating oil, natural gas and propane?

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Letter to the Editor: Vermont Watchdog article

Based on some recent news coverage (a Vermont Watchdog Report appearing in the Vermont Eagle), we’d like to clarify our proposal in the draft Comprehensive Conservation Plan (CCP) related to hunting on refuge lands in Vermont. Hunting is a priority use and a proud tradition on national wildlife refuges nationwide.

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Letter to the Editor: Shumlin is a sexist

Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin: Climate leader or liar, protester or protector? The public can decide which is more accurate.

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Letter to the Editor: Winter blues

It might help, with the Winter Blues (see "From the editor", Dec. 19) to note that evenings are getting longer already, since Dec 11, by seconds a day and soon by minutes.