Letters to the Editor


Vermont Health Care and the Vermont Health Care Board | Letter to the Editor

I had the opportunity to attend a political forum last Friday evening in Bristol, VT.

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Letter to the Editor: Solar error

Duane Peterson (SunCommon) has made an admission that the Waterbury company erred in not presenting its proposal (for 1195 Dog Team Rd.) to New Haven town officials before seeking Public Service Board approval.

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Guest Viewpoint: Ebola preparedness in Vermont

Ebola is a deadly and dreaded disease that is ravaging West Africa, a part of the world that has far too little in the way of modern health care and public health infrastructure.

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Guest Viewpoint: Democrats concerned about property taxes? Must be election time

Vermonters can tell an election is near when Vermont Democrats suddenly run from their politically extreme positions and attempt to appear more like mainstream, common sense Vermonters. But Vermonters are too smart and too observant to be deceived again by the apparent awakening of the Democrat supermajority in the legislature.

Freedom to choose | Letter to the Editor

Freedom of choice is a wonderful thing—people can legally choose to have a firearm, undergo an abortion, marry any person of their choice—and the list goes on and on.

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Letter to the Editor: Rude politicians

reedom of choice is a wonderful thing—people can legally choose to have a firearm, undergo an abortion, marry any person of their choice—and the list goes on and on.

Heat pump trumps natural gas

I am inspired by the rise in use of cold climate heat pumps by residents and businesses in Vermont.

Fait accompli? | Letter to the Editor

I am writing to Mr. Dunakin and the Town on of Middlebury appeal the approvals of Zoning Permits for 77 Main St.t and 154 Creek Rd. (In Middlebury).

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Letter to the Editor: Reward offered for dog's shooting

On Saturday morning, Sept. 13, a bear hound was shot by a perpetrator(s) using a cross bow. The Walker-type hound was shot three times; once in the head and two downward into the back near the spine.

No say & no respect

The VPSB recognized the adverse impact that SunCommons’ proposed commercial community solar array (CSA) will have on us at our property on Dog Team Road—however, they issued a Certificate of Public Good (CPG) for the proposal.

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Guest Viewpoint: Orwell’s Masonic history—in detail

According to the Orwell Town History, Independence Lodge 10 Free and Accepted Masons were organized on Nov. 18, 1814, and the first meetings were held in various homesteads east of the village prior to moving their meetings in 1831 to Jeremiah Boynton’s Inn (what was later known as the Eagle Inn), which once stood directly across from the Orwell Bank, where the Orwell Town Clerk’s office now resides.

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Letter: Saving a life

Letter to the Editor

Solar arrays

I was surprised to read the Eagle editor’s most recent opinion rebuking the new community solar array planned for New Haven and questioning the whole idea of local, small-scale energy generation.

Campaign spending | From the Editor

The Democrats are going on a campaign spending spree.

Reaching consensus with landowners along pipeline route

There is no doubt that the Addison Rutland Natural Gas Project will strengthen our economy, help retain and create jobs by cutting heating bills by 40 to 50 percent and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions—advantages that help Vermont transition toward a cleaner and more affordable energy future.