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College professor focuses on sustainability at energy center

The GMP College Connections series is hosting a presentation on Energy and Culture: Sustainable Building and Civic Engagement on Tuesday, Aug. 12, at the Energy Innovation Center, 68-70 Merchants Row in downtown Rutland.

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Legislators to kick off National Farmer’s Market Week in Rutland

Vermont’s Secretary of Agriculture, Chuck Ross, will join Rutland County legislators at the Rutland Downtown Farmers’ Market to kick-off National Farmer’s Market Week this Saturday, Aug. 2.

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Welch wins higher-ed union award

U.S. Rep. Peter Welch (D-Vermont), was chosen as the recipient of the American Association of University Professors’ 2014 Henry T. Yost Congressional Recognition Award, given annually to a member of Congress who has championed the causes of higher education.

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Guest Viewpoint: School consolidation, charters, and choice

Vermonters moan about their steadily rising education property taxes, especially as the number of students continually decreases. Rarely do citizens focus clearly on the causes of rising school taxes, and the possible solutions. That is, in part, because the “education stakeholders” are ever alert to control the agenda for “reform”.

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Vermont’s Shorelands Act now the law

Vermont’s recently created Shoreland Protection Act WENT into effect July 1. In May, the Vermont General Assembly passed shoreland protection legislation that applies to activities within 250 feet of a lake or pond’s mean water level for all lakes and ponds greater than 10 acres in surface area.

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Guest Viewpoint: Innocent Vermonters will pay for administration's failure

It’s time for Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin—as the leader of his administration—to take decisive action to correct the failures of the past and assure that Vermonters do not experience more of this mismanagement in the future.

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From the Editor: School board accountability

When the Eagle learned in February of this year that former Mary Hogan Elementary School principal and New England math consultant Jim Callahan of Middlebury was running for the ID4 School Board, we were pleased. The local school board has had its share of controversies over the years, and Callahan’s interest in math education, coupled with his decades long experience in the field of elementary education, gave us hope for some changes on the moribund board.

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New guidelines for Vermont small businesses

Vermont Department of Financial Regulation (DFR) officials today announced important modifications to current securities regulations that would support Vermont entrepreneurship while protecting the interests of investors.

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Just how committed is Vermont to local foods?

Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire, respectively, claimed the top three spots in the 2014 Locavore Index, a ranking of each state’s (and the District of Columbia’s) commitment to promoting and providing locally grown foods.

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Flowering crabapple trees put shine on Rutland Blooms project

Back in 1965, First Lady Claudia “Lady Bird” Johnson started a Washington, D.C., beautification project by having teams of helpers plant stunning flowers—by the thousands—around the capital. The project spread to the nation’s roadways and byways and culminated in the U.S. Highway Beautification Act, nicknamed Lady Bird’s Bill.

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Guest Viewpoint: Vergennes on the move

With all its assets, Vergennes epitomizes so much that Vermont communities statewide strive for: a strong village center surrounded by a beautiful working landscape...

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From the Editor: Who can’t handle the truth?

Pardon me for bringing up—yet again—author George Orwell’s classic novel “1984”. The dystopic 1948 novel seems to be a prophetic guidebook for these disquieting times in America.

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Guest Viewpoint: State revenue results show Vermont economy is in crisis

There are more signs that Gov. Peter Shumlin's economic policies —enacted by the Democrat supermajority in the Vermont State Legislature—re failing. The strategy of higher tax rates, more state spending and bigger state government is not working to grow Vermont's economy, create jobs, or lower the cost of living in our state.

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From the Editor: The king’s justices in Vermont

Being a justice of the peace in Vermont is akin to being a watch dog with only a few loose teeth left in the jaw for good measure.

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Obama foreign policy speech as bad as his foreign policy

United Nations Report

Given his drifting and buffeted foreign policy, President Barack Obama needed to hit a political home run in his long awaited policy address at the West Point commencement ceremonies.