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Old tires for a good cause

Vermont’s annual tire recycle and resale event “Wheels for Warmth” celebrated its 10-year anniversary this month. $39,391 was raised for emergency fuel assistance programs, sold 1,350 safe, donated tires for pennies on a dollar, and recycled 2,480 unusable tires.

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Vermont is monitoring Rutland traveler for Ebola

The Vermont Department of Health has requested a Vermonter who has just returned from West Africa to enter voluntary quarantine and active monitoring for fever or symptoms of Ebola for 21 days. This individual agreed, and began quarantine on Oct. 27.

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Police remove climate-action protesters from Vermont Governor’s Office

Individuals arrested for illegal entry, trespassing

Throughout the day Oct. 27, the Vermont State Police, in conjunction with several other law enforcement agencies, monitored the events of a scheduled climate-action protest against the proposed Vermont Gas pipeline.

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Respect self and life | Candidate Column

Calvin McEathron

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New Haven Select Board opposes solar projects

Part 2: Conclusion

Last week, the New Haven Select Board voted for the first time to oppose two solar power project proposals; the Board also wants to intervene in every proposed solar project coming to town.

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Guest Viewpoint: Shumlin economy worsens as unemployment hits 11-month High

An additional one thousand Vermonters were added to the state’s unemployment roles last month, even as Gov. Peter Shumlin (D) and the leaders of his legislative supermajority continue to insist their failed policies are working. Meanwhile, Vermont’s working families struggle to make ends meet in a state that is increasingly unaffordable.

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Resource for women voters

The League of Women Voters of Vermont offers Vote411.org, a free non-partisan resource, where voters can get the information they need to make knowledgeable choices on Election Day, November 4, 2014.

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Public Service Board decides not to reopen Vermont Gas Pipeline case

The Vermont Public Service Board has decided to allow the Vermont Gas Systems pipeline project to continue without further scrutiny through Addison County. Vermont Gas already received regulatory approval for Phase I in December 2013.

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Letter to the Editor: Solar error

Duane Peterson (SunCommon) has made an admission that the Waterbury company erred in not presenting its proposal (for 1195 Dog Team Rd.) to New Haven town officials before seeking Public Service Board approval.

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New Haven selectman says town is being cut out of solar-power process

Part 1 of 2

Despite Green Mountain Power’s desire to transform Rutland into Vermont’s gleaming “Solar City” on a hill, other power brokers in the solar power industry have quietly made the Town of New Haven their target instead.

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Guest Viewpoint: Democrats concerned about property taxes? Must be election time

Vermonters can tell an election is near when Vermont Democrats suddenly run from their politically extreme positions and attempt to appear more like mainstream, common sense Vermonters. But Vermonters are too smart and too observant to be deceived again by the apparent awakening of the Democrat supermajority in the legislature.

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Osborne House to be moved to make way for new town hall

Work continues on moving the Osborne House in downtown Middlebury. Middlebury College donate the piece of downtown real estate to the Town of Middlebury in a bid to fulfill its campus plans which include securing the triangle upon which the current municipal office building stands.

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Letter to the Editor: Rude politicians

reedom of choice is a wonderful thing—people can legally choose to have a firearm, undergo an abortion, marry any person of their choice—and the list goes on and on.

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GOP rally in Vergennes, Oct. 17

The Addison County Republican Committee will host a special GOP Rally Friday, Oct. 17, 7-9 p.m., at the Vergennes Opera House.

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Local novelist explores future politics

Nick Monsarrat views journalism as a vocation, rather than a profession. The Charlotte resident built a storied career at a number of publications, ranging from local newspapers to an online news site. Driven to continue the quest to find the truth, Monsarrat just published his first novel, “united states.“ (Yes, the lower-case cover title is correct.)