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Sorrell praises EPA's latest greenhouse gas proposal

But effort will exact a high price to U.S. consumer and economy

Vermont Attorney General Bill Sorrell (D) praised the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed rule, announced this week, for limiting greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants under the federal Clean Air Act.

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Bartley to direct 2014 Vermont GOP campaign

The Vermont Republican Pary has named a new victory campaign director, according to David Sunderland, the state GOP chairman. Sunderland announced June 3 that Jeff Bartley, a resident of Colchester, will start on directing the 2014 campaign.

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Van Wyck announces 2014 campaign

In January 2013, Gov. Peter Shumlin (D) appointed Warren Van Wyck (R) of Ferrisburgh to serve out the unexpired term of the late Rep. Greg Clark (R) in the Addison-3 District. Van Wyck was sworn in Feb. 6 of that year and immediately set to work in the Vermont State House.

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Guest Viewpoint: Social Security money has already been spent

The Social Security trust fund is empty. The money that is alleged to be in the trust fund has already been spent by the government for non-Social Security purposes. This basic truth has been stated repeatedly by public officials who are in a position to know.

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Letter to the Editor: Obama and the V.A. impasse

The V.A. being the ultimate single payer health plan... is a microcosm of what SPHC is meant to be...

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Shumlin signs 'pre-k' legislation in Rutland

Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin (D) signed into law, May 29, legislation making at least 10 hours a week of high quality education available to every 3- and 4-year- old child in Vermont.

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Guest Viewpoint: What happened to Vermont's civil discourse?

Vermont prides itself on polite discourse and, generally, we have great respect for each other and the processes we use to resolve difficult issues like utility projects. We recognize that there has to be an objective way to determine what efforts are in the best economic and environmental interest of our state—a way to separate the central facts from the passion of the extremes.

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Guest Viewpoint: Predictable, self-congratulatory back-slapping

There have been many opinions about how successful the 2013-14 legislative session was...

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Vermont’s Vietnam Veterans Memorial is a lasting tribute in stone and green

Memorial Day 2014

When Vermont’s Vietnam Veterans Memorial was dedicated at a large public gathering on Oct. 30 1982, the national wounds of the decade-long Indo-Chinese war were still largely unhealed. Over 135 Vermonters died in the war; their stone-etched names—along with color and monochrome photographs of their wartime experiences—stand as a lasting tribute to their blood sacrifice.

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Ethan Allen Institute: Forgiving ancient environmental injuries

From 1906 to 1951 the Springfield, Vt., municipal gas plant converted coal to gas and piped it to homes throughout the village. In that latter year liquid propane became a much better option, so grinding and heating coal was discontinued. Left behind was a bunch of contaminated structures, pipes and buried barrels of coal tar mixed with various environmentally nasty byproducts.

$4.4 million to Vt. Economic Development Authority

Officials of the U.S. Treasury Department announced the transfer of $4,477,238 in State Small Business Credit Initiative funds—SSBCI for short—to VEDA, the Vermont Economic Development Authority to help local businesses access the capital they need to expand, grow and hire.

Lisman will not run for governor

In response to urgings by some Vermonters over the past few months and persistent inquiries, Bruce Lisman, a native Vermonter, successful business executive, and founding officer of Campaign for Vermont today announced he will not be running for governor of Vermont in 2014.

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EMS Day at Vermont State House to honor Lincoln Volunteer F.D.

In honor of the efforts of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel and agencies across Vermont, this year’s theme for the annual EMS Week is “EMS: Dedicated For Life.”

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ACTR drivers to vote on union

Teamsters Local 597

Bus drivers of ACTR, Addison County Transit Resources, will vote to unionize June 11, according to driver Craig Bingham.

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Guest Viewpoint: Veterans, suicide and why we fight

Memorial Day 2014

As a Vietnam War veteran, I keep a low visibility during the national holidays. I have had my share of run-ins with individuals with ideas that differed with mine, which at times resulted in abrupt discourse during passing discussions. Seldom do I take offense quietly.