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Vermont’s Veterans Memorial is a lasting tribute in stone and greenery

Veterans Day 2014

When Vermont’s Vietnam Veterans Memorial was dedicated at a large public gathering on Oct. 30 1982, the national wounds of the decade-long Indo-Chinese war were still largely unhealed. Over 135 Vermonters died in the war; their stone-etched names—along with color and monochrome photographs of their wartime experiences—stand as a lasting tribute to their blood sacrifice.

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Montpelier: Bipartisan focus on jobs, affordability encouraged

Vermont Lt. Gov. Phil Scott (R) and the newly expanded team of Republican legislators encouraged the Democrat majority, Independents and Progressives to reach across the aisle and join the effort to craft and pass pro-growth economic policies which reduce the cost of living, encourage job creation and help lift wages for working Vermonters.

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Ethan Allen Institute: Four proposals to improve Vermont elections

Now that the 2014 state elections are over, it’s worth looking at how the process might be improved in the future. Here are four proposals.

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Ex Gov. Douglas to speak in Middlebury

Middlebury resident and former Vermont Gov. Jim Douglas (R) will be the featured speaker at the annual meeting and dinner of the Henry Sheldon Museum of Vermont History on Wednesday, Nov. 19, presenting “The Vermont Way.”

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From the Editor: Nov. 4, 2014

Tis week’s massive defeat of Democrats across the nation was a big wake-up call. Just when pundits had proclaimed that the Republican Party was null, void, and obsolete, along came motivated American citizens who got off their Lazy Boy recliners, turned off the TV, and voted for a completely different brand of hope and change.

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Middlebury: Finding retailers to fit the town

At a meeting held Oct. 28, Ben Wilson, president of the Better Middlebury Partnership, provided the Middlebury Select Board with an update on recent work of the BMP and the final report on “The Future of Retail in Middlebury Study and Next Steps.”

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Campaign for Vermont: 2014 election was a referendum

“This election was a clear referendum on the direction of our state”, said Cyrus Patten, Campaign for Vermont’s executive director.

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State to protect streams, lakes with new water quality rules

On Oct. 30, Montpelier updated Vermont’s water quality standards to better protect our rivers, streams, lakes and ponds. These standards set limits upon levels of pollutants in lakes and streams, and are the foundation for the state’s efforts to protect, maintain, enhance, and restore water quality.

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Vermont A.G. silent on potentially illegal donations to single-payer candidates

Vermont Watchdog Report

Despite receiving complaints that a single-payer advocacy group has been making potentially illegal donations to candidates, the Vermont Attorney General’s Office offered no public response in time for Tuesday’s election.

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The GOP's Scott Milne: November's big surprise!

Too close to call: Vermont governor's race to be decided by the State Legislature

The 2014 Vermont governor’s race looks like it will be decided by the State Legislature since either candidate did not garner enough votes for a definitive victory.

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Letter to the Editor: VPIRG responds

Last month 400,000 people gathered on the streets of New York City to call for action on global warming from world leaders, and it’s no surprise that Vermonters turned out in force.

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Waltham home to a new solar-power project

SunCommon, a Vermont-based solar power company, commissioned its first CSA, community solar array in Waltham last week by christening it with a bottle of Middlebury’s Drop-In Brewery beer.

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From the Editor: How a Pennsylvania D.A. muzzled my friend’s free speech

No one deserves what Bill Villa and his wife Angie have had to endure since the defining evening of March 24, 2006.

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Old tires for a good cause

Vermont’s annual tire recycle and resale event “Wheels for Warmth” celebrated its 10-year anniversary this month. $39,391 was raised for emergency fuel assistance programs, sold 1,350 safe, donated tires for pennies on a dollar, and recycled 2,480 unusable tires.

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Vermont is monitoring Rutland traveler for Ebola

The Vermont Department of Health has requested a Vermonter who has just returned from West Africa to enter voluntary quarantine and active monitoring for fever or symptoms of Ebola for 21 days. This individual agreed, and began quarantine on Oct. 27.