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John McClaughry is vice president of the Ethan Allen Institute.

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When imagination fails, raise school, property taxes

Ethan Allen Institute

The heavily Democratic Vermont House has passed a bill (H.889) designed to squeeze out enough new dollars to keep the Education Fund solvent for 2015. Republicans voted No on the higher education property tax rates, and their state chairman declared that the Democrats’ passage of the bill was a “cold and callous action”.

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Small Vermont farms in EPA’s crosshairs

Ethan Allen Institute

The Vermont Sate Legislature is now seized with an important issue that must be addressed to the satisfaction of the Obama administration in the next couple of months, or the state will find itself in Washington’s enforcement crosshairs.

Guest Viewpoint: The Obama-Shumlin job shrinkage plan

Ethan Allen Institute

Returning from a meeting with U.S. President Obama (D) in Connecticut a week ago, Gov. Peter Shumlin (D) made a not-so-startling announcement: “I feel very strongly that it’s imperative to raise the minimum wage in Vermont to what the President has recommended.” He went on to suggest that a higher government-mandated wage would “give a boost to the state’s economy.”

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Ethan Allen Institute: Education spending’s wild ride

Last week’s Vermont Education Funding System report from the Vermont Realtors Association paints a startling picture of the financing of Vermont elementary and secondary education.

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John McClaughry: Fair share

Ethan Allen Institute

Back in November, Vermont Tax Commissioner Mary Peterson received a letter from 168 'Campaign for Vermont' partners, asking her to rectify gross inequities in our education finance system.

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Ethan Allen Institute: Main Street, Vermont

"Local Dollars, Local Sense: How to shift your money from Wall Street to Main Street and achieve real prosperity."

Local dollars, local sense

The Ethan Allen Institute

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has topped 16,000. Wall Street investors, who were hammered when the mortgage debt implosion drove the DJIA down to 7,608 just four and a half years ago, are exultant. So is almost everyone who owns exchange-traded investments, 401ks, IRAs, and pension funds.

Ethan Allen Institute: The Vermont Exchange Train Wreck

On Sept. 12 the nationally-known consulting group Gartner, Inc. delivered a report to the federal Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The report assessed the operational readiness of the various state health insurance exchanges as the ObamaCare mandated launch date – Oct. 1 – approached.

Ethan Allen Institute: David Stockman’s Great Deformation


David Stockman, by any standard, has to be one of the most brilliant public policy minds of the past forty years. After six years as a young Michigan Congressman, he burst upon the national scene as President Reagan’s 34 year old Director of the Office of Management and Budget.

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Ethan Allen Institute: Peter’s peculiar points of fact

Guest Viewpoint

On Sept. 5, Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin gave a televised interview to Steve Pappas, editor of the Times Argus. The bulk of it dealt with the new health insurance Exchange and its scheduled successor Green Mountain Care. As usual, the governor appeared articulate and well informed.

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