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ready for another week of 'Survivor'

I have to start by being honest. Last week was the first time that I ever watched an entire episode of Survivor from start to finish. That being said, it was pretty good. Of course, the reason behind watching is the fact that Willsboro's own (yes, she was a Warrior - red and white school colors and not blue and red like oh, say, Westport) Sophie Clarke is a contestant on the show. For the first show, she did very well, even breaking into some Russian with Coach, a former competitor on the show who it seemed was less than welcomed by his "tribe." Last week, we tried a live blog and found that people were being asked to have a username and password. This week, the blog will be right here on the Lobster Tank. I will post throughout the show at this site, and I welcome everyone to join in on the conversation. So, until Wednesday, good luck, Sophie.


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